Making nutritious, convenient, affordable meals
a reality on urban tables.


Our Story

Today’s urban families have limited time and are more health and budget conscious than ever before. They seek nutritious, convenient, affordable alternatives to the time-consuming tasks required to prepare a home-cooked meal and they demand alternatives to the less healthy option of fast food.  Urban Tables provides home-cooked meals to families in the Chicagoland area. Offering multicultural home-style cuisines prepared with seasonal ingredients along with the convenience of delivery, these Heat & Eat meals are designed to decrease stress on time while providing quality meals to budget conscious families.  ​



Every week, we update our menu to provide the best dishes to bring to your table. See what we have today!


We specialize in globally inspired sampler plated to accompany your events. Contact us to schedule your event!

Pay It Forward

Know someone with too much on their plate? Pay it forward by donating a delicious meal from our team. 

Heat and Eat

Menu changes weekly

"The Congolese Cabbage is DELICIOUS! I am definitely getting that again this week."

Bonnie, Chicago